Hakomi Circles

Anyone interested in experiencing Hakomi is invited to attend day-long Hakomi therapy events called “Hakomi Circles”.


One or two therapy groups will be running simultaneously and continuously in the room, led by experienced Hakomi teachers or trainers.

Each participant receives a full 60-minute Hakomi session during the day and also supports other participants as they receive sessions.

Attendance Options

You will be required to attend the full day and assist others in their process of self-study.   No further commitment is required.

Seating is limited to 8 people each day.


For students of Hakomi, this format is highly recommended for experiencing the method in its wholeness both as a client and as an assistant to a skilled therapist.

See Who Should Attend.

If you are new to Hakomi, please see Information for New Clients.

If you are an advanced student interested in coaching, see Hakomi Coaching.


For upcoming dates, see the current Schedule.


For current prices, see Fees. To reserve your seat, see Pay Online.

Registration and Information

To register or ask for more information, contact Katie Askew at hakomi2@gmail.com.