Learning Objectives and Methods

For Hakomi Training Modules
Vancouver Hakomi Education Network

Title: Hakomi Training in Vancouver

Location: Suite 202, 1651 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC

Event Sponsor: Vancouver Hakomi Education Network

Leader: Georgia Marvin – Organizer and Senior Hakomi Trainer


Websiteswww.vancouverhakomi.ca and www.hakomieducationnetwork.org

Learning Goals

  • Understand the theory and practical application of Hakomi mindfulness-based therapy
  • Demonstrate state of mind skills as a “helping person” (loving presence, spaciousness, experimental attitude)
  • Demonstrate the use of mindfulness in Hakomi session as a client and as a practitioner
  • Demonstrate the use of therapeutic experiments in Hakomi sessions
  • Demonstrate the ability to offer and receive emotional nourishment as a client and as a practitioner

Instructional methods:

  • Total time for 2 day module – 12 hours of practice
  • Lecture on the Hakomi Method, including large group discussion (2 hrs)
  • Experiential exercises to explore aspects of Hakomi (6 hrs)
  • Demonstrations of and supervision of whole Hakomi sessions or phases of the method (4 hrs)

Feedback, Coaching and Performance Appraisal

  • After each experiential exercise, students will share experiences and ideas in a small group
  • In each small group, a certified Hakomi Practitioner offers feedback and teaching
  • The whole group meets five times a day to share experience
  • At more advanced levels, individuals receive 60-90 minutes of supervision in the method
  • After 45 full days of Hakomi practice, students can apply for the certification process which consists of detailed review and feedback on live and taped sessions

System utilized to evaluate the event and to evaluate if the learning goals and objectives were achieved

  • Feedback is requested at the end of each module
  • Group discussion and feedback is organized once each module
  • Observation of students by certified Hakomi Practitioners, with verbal feedback offered

Followup Procedures

  • Follow up is provided in the form of eight monthly training session from September to May each year
  • In addition, students are referred to background reading materials available online (www.hakomi.com)
  • Students are provided with a suggested reading list
  • Personal support is provided by senior staff on request