Hakomi Coaching

Senior students of Hakomi can receiving live coaching as they practice full sessions.


Certified Hakomi trainers or teachers provide live, individualized coaching while a senior Hakomi student leads a session with a volunteer client.

The level of coaching is customized to the needs and skills of each student.

The client for the session is arranged by the team.

Attendance Options

Space is limited to 6 students each day.


Coaching is part of the process of preparing for Certification.

Students who receive coaching must be senior students and have checked with the teaching team that they are ready for coaching.


For upcoming dates, see the current Schedule.


Fees are the same as for training and circles. For current prices, see Fees.

NOTE: Fees must be paid in advance due the effort of coordinating the coaches and clients for each session.  See Pay Online.

Registration and Information

To register or ask for more information, contact Katie Askew at hakomi2@gmail.com.