Jeff ChernoveHere are some videos and photos in celebration of the life of Hakomi teacher, practitioner, and legacy holder Jeff Chernove.

Jeffrey Owen Chernove
Aug 30, 1947 – Dec 9, 2014

Celebration of Life

The following videos were recorded at the Celebration of Life for Jeff in Powell River, BC, on Dec. 30, 2014.

Introduction from Mistress of Ceremonies Marylou MacMillan

Welcome – Georgia Marvin

Epitaph, by Merritt Malloy

When I die,
give what’s left of me to children
and old men that wait to die.
And if you need to cry,
cry for your brother walking the street
beside you.
When you need me,
put your arms around anyone
and give them what you need to give to me.
I want to leave you something
something better than words or sounds:
look for me in the people I’ve known
or loved.
And if you cannot give me away,
at least let me live in your eyes
and not on your mind.
You can love me most
by letting hands touch hands
by letting bodies touch bodies
and by letting go of children
that need to be free.
Love doesn’t die; people do.
So that when all that’s left of me is love,
give me away.
I’ll see you at home in the earth.

Contributor: Marianne Gareau

Jeff’s Early Years – Mark Bentley

Jeff’s Early Years – Malerie Meeker

Jeff’s Working Years – Patricia Keays

Poem “Ode to Jeff” – Murray Kennedy

Fatherhood and Family – Barbara Langmaid

Jeff’s Love of the Natural World – Yvon Ricard

A Tribute From His Children -Tristen Chernove

With Love from Italy – Emily & Martin

Hakomi – Donna Martin

Recorded at her home in Kamloops, BC, on Jan 29, 2014

Jeff’s Legacy – Marylou

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6 thoughts on “Jeff

  1. Jeff literally changed my life.

    He showed me that loving presence, healing, and wisdom were truly available in this world.

    He helped me learn “be kind to” myself and “trust” myself.

    He helped me sit with suffering instead of fleeing it.

    He pointed the way to freedom.

    My heart overflows with gratitude to this gentle, brilliant man.

  2. One of the sweetest, kindest and most geniune people i have known. The blessing of having known Jeff is beyond what i can say in words, he gave so much. I will always remember with such gratitude and love how Jeff joined us on the boat one summer for a week out at sea. Willis and I were kind of new at “big” boating and this was our first trip up north. Jeff hitched a ride to pick up his boat which was at Quadra Isl. and he was a Godsend! Coaching us with patience and love he helped us become confident. Jeff’s gentleness, kindness and patience were so evident, as well as his kick-ass knowledge of all things boating!

    gratitude gratitude gratitude. love love love.

    Journey well Jeff!

  3. A magic hand guided me to join you all today at 3:30 via this amazing technology. I was unable to attend in person as my Nana duties were required for my grandson. I was sitting with him on my lap when I decided to check my email and up popped the invitation to join you all at EXACTLY 3:30 today. Georgia, it was so good to hear you speak, it brought me closer to being with my Hakomi family, in the absence of “in person” stories and hugs.

    I’m SO deeply grateful for the time I had with Jeff this summer and to participate in his final training in June, to meet his dear friends and family in Powell River, and the special time Lorraine and I had with Jeff and Georgia in August. Georgia, I look forward to reading the poem you shared today, will you post it?

    I am honored to have been part of the circle of Jeff’s life and to have been blessed with his love, his kindness, and his gifts. Jeff saw me in ways that were critical to my development in Hakomi. As a trainer, he was super aware when I needed his assistance when I wasn’t aware of needing it, and he assisted in a manner that was so deeply respectful and kind that it deepened my knowledge and acceptance of myself profoundly.

    Jeff’s pure love and gracious humbleness for me was profoundly healing.

    Hakomi Hugs all around,

  4. Such a beautiful sweet and skillful human being. I had lost my creative edge in life and whatever ‘that’ unknownness is, it brought me to Jeff. Within half an hour he said something to me that was so true and my sense of creativity was back. I saw him regularly after that and studied Hakomi and he became a mentor and a good friend. He will be missed but he handled the final chapter of this human existence with such beauty. Much love to Jeff and to you Georgia. Love Murray

  5. So glad you could make this avenue for expression available for those who were not able to make it today.

    In a world where everyone is trying to tell you how to be, amongst the plethora of societal expectations that is put on a person – in the middle of this mélange of confusion and loosing oneself sits Jeff. A calming influence and a guiding light, offering a path of finding oneself and expressing who you are as a person.

    May he pass in the same thoughtfulness and calmness that pervaded hid life and expression.

    In loving peace.

  6. magical Jeffrey, a father to me

    you are everywhere now
    released from this body that binds us
    out in peace
    up in flames
    you are water now
    when you want to be

    or the butterfly your granddaughter sees
    you have all the time you could ever need
    grow into a crystal
    root yourself in the evergreen tree
    you speak a different language now
    but you still speak
    you say, “remember there is magic here
    and if for one second you don’t believe it
    look to the children, they can still see it!”
    and that is why we loved you
    you looked at us with eyes that said
    “you’re right”
    so the stories of our imaginations were true
    there were bungrees in the basement
    fairies in the trees
    sassafrass was toto
    i was dorothy

    you facilitated our healing
    and taught us how to leave
    arranged for us a vigil so we could properly grieve

    boat on the water
    bird in the wind
    no need for oars
    no need for wings

    out in peace
    up in flames
    you are everywhere now,
    you are free

    “Poem for Jeffrey” – as read in Fatherhood & Family

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