Create a Page

This is internal how-to information on creating a page.

Before you start, make sure you need a page and not a post.

  • Use a post for an article by the team (community) or Georgia.
  • Use a page for articles by Ron, Donna, Writers for Our Students, and any other “static” piece of content.
  1. Prepare the text:
    • Make sure there are no double spaces.
    • Maybe copy and paste the text into a simple text editor to remove any special formatting.
  2. Plan where you are going to put the page:
    • Go look at the website and figure out where you want this page to go.
    • Figure out which page will be the “Parent” of your new page. For example, “Writings for Students” is the parent of the “Taking Over”.
    • Figure out what order you want the page to go in. For example, if you want to add something under “Writings for Students”, do you want it first, last, or in the middle.
  3. Create a new page by going to WP admin, and selecting Pages > Add New.
  4. Enter the title.
    • Use a capital letter at the start of every word (except ones that are <4 letters).
    • In general, place the most important words at the beginning of the title.
  5. Paste the text into the body of the page.
  6. On the right, under Parent, select the page that your new page will go under, such as “Writings for Students”.
  7. Under Order, type a number that reflects the order of this new page in relation to the existing pages. This setting is kind of tricky, so you could leave it for later and just accept the default “0” for now.
  8. Click Publish.
  9. Click View Page.
  10. Check the page. If you want to change it, click Edit, make the change, click Publish, and repeat.

Now you are ready to add the page the menu.