Teaching Team

Current members of the teaching team include:

Georgia Marvin (Senior Trainer)

georgia_2011_175Georgia is a Senior Trainer with the Hakomi Network, having studied with Ron Kurtz for 10 years until his death in 2011. She was named in Ron Kurtz’ will as one of seven “legacy holders” of his work.
Georgia also studied with Donna Martin, and continues to collaborate with Donna on the International Hakomi Network.

She loves the Hakomi method because it blends subtle and masterful tools of psychotherapy with Buddhist principles of mindfulness and compassion to provide its students with a life-long practice of self study.

Georgia received her undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and her postgraduate teaching diplomas from UBC and the University of Calgary. Since 1993, she has served as director and chairman of boards in the private and the public sectors, such as the Board of Governors of Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design.

Georgia has a private client Hakomi practice and contributes to the development of Hakomi trainings in Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

For information about Georgia’s private practice, see http://www.amindfulway.ca.

Angela Davis (Trainer)

imageAngela has been studying Hakomi since 2004 with the Vancouver Hakomi Education Network. She has also trained with Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin and was certified as a Hakomi Therapist in 2007.

In her life and her work, she has been cultivating compassion, serving others and herself with a deeper understanding of loving presence. Supporting the Vancouver training as an assistant and supporting the growth of Hakomi continues to be a joy and main endeavor for Angela. She has opened a private Hakomi practice in Kamloops and welcomes new clients.

For information about Angela’s private practice, see http://compassionatepath.ca. To contact Angela, email her at compassionatepath@gmail.com.

Katie Askew (Trainer)

katie_smKatie has been studying Hakomi with Vancouver Hakomi Educational Network since 2004. She has studied under Bob Milone, Jeff Chernove, Georgia Marvin, Marcia Burton, Donna Martin, and Ron Kurtz. She became a certified Hakomi Therapist in 2007 and began teaching in 2011.

Katie brings with her an attitude of openness and support. Her joy and love are visible and infectious. A student of self-discovery for over 30 years, her curiosity and deep appreciation for learning more about herself makes it easier for others to self-study.

To contact Katie, email her at kaskew@rockisland.com.

Kenny Askew (Trainer)

kenny_smKenny began studying Hakomi in 2004 with the Vancouver Hakomi Education Network, was certified as a Hakomi Therapist in 2007, and began teaching Hakomi in 2011.

He has been on a path of self-discovery, pursuing his own spirituality for over 30 years. He became a Licensed Massage Practitioner in 2000 and has been a Master Builder for over thirty years. Kenny spent many years as a competitive athlete.  He raced bicycles, Olympic kayaks, surf-skis and outrigger canoes. He did the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon twice and paddled the Molokai channel four times. Though competitive athletics is a thing of the past, the exploration of mind, body and spirit continues to be a driving force in his life.
Kenny considers himself incredibly fortunate to have a partner in Katie, who, for the last 38 years, has shared his interest in the healing arts and personal exploration. Both love assisting others in their own exploration and self-discovery. Kenny and Katie live in Friday Harbor, WA, have two daughters and two granddaughters, which are the light of their lives.

To contact Kenny, email him at kaskew@rockisland.com.

Donna Martin (Senior Trainer)

donna-2012Senior trainer Donna Martin, from Kamloops, BC, is a guest trainer at special Vancouver Hakomi training weekends.

Donna is a certified Hakomi therapist and international trainer who worked closely with Ron Kurtz (the creator of the Hakomi Method) for twenty years. She was named in his will as one of seven “legacy holders” of his work and is a senior person in the international training association he created before his death, now called the Hakomi Network.

Donna has many years of experience as a body psychotherapist, stress management specialist, yoga and meditation teacher, and addictions counsellor.

Donna has written many books which are mostly available through her website.

For more information about Donna, see http://www.donnamartin.net/.