Cultivating Hakomi — in Powell River and Norway

Georgia MarvinWhen one is a gardener, one’s habit is to nurture the soil, plant seeds, and cultivate all the plants within arm’s reach. I am pleased to be cultivating two new Hakomi trainings, one close to home and one in Europe.

In Powell River on the Sunshine Coast of BC, a small group formed in January and February of this year. In the first month we welcomed seven students and in the second month ten students from Vancouver Island, Powell River and Mexico. We will be meeting again on March 28 & 29 and April 25 & 26. The fall schedule will be posted in June. If you are interested in attending, please contact Georgia directly (

Many of our readers know me and remember my partner, Jeff. For those of you who are familiar with our journey of dying, I would like to share my vision for my future without him. One of the great gifts that Jeff left for me was Hakomi. He introduced me to the method, to Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin and we practiced and taught Hakomi for over a decade. Jeff and I bought our home in Powell River with the hope that we would be able to teach and practice Hakomi here. We were fortunate to have a Hakomi Retreat in June of 2014 with our close Hakomi students from Vancouver. It was Jeff’s final Hakomi experience and precious moments for those who attended.

My intention is to offer Hakomi in Powell River and to teach whoever attends. I will adjust the teachings to the needs of my students. Some of my students are committed to certification and this training will provide a great opportunity for them to be coached at an advanced level. I’m hoping to develop teachers of Hakomi in Powell River and cultivate a new Hakomi community.

I would also like to offer my home as a retreat for couples.  The invitation would be to come for a few days to rest and reflect, find solace away from the stresses and concerns of everyday life, to enjoy my home and garden and to do Hakomi each day with me.

The second new training will in Oslo, Norway in June of this year. One of our Vancouver students, Yerina Rock, is returning to her home and taking her love of Hakomi back to her friends and her country. I am very pleased to accompany her on this adventure.

When I am not teaching, I am at sea on our boat, Seabear or in my garden. If you want to contact me, you will know where to find me – tending my roses.